Migrant Hunter Uses Helicopter To Round Up Jihadis In Bulgaria

Dinko Valev is a 29-year-old migrant hunter and former semi-professional wrestler who lives in Bulgaria. He spends his days hunting terrified migrants through the woodlands with a private army of fellow vigilantes. It sounds like something you’d see in the movies, but it is 100% true.

Last year, ISIS apparently put a bounty on him for $50,000. But that hasn’t stopped him from hunting refugees with a helicopter equipped with a large machine gun and rocket housings on either wing. It is unclear if they are operational though. Either way, his methods have been effective as exemplified by his videos:

“The films showed women and children forced to cower on the forest floor while the men were made to lie on their stomachs with their hands tied behind their backs.

“But he became a hero to some Bulgarians and the government in Sofia has reportedly given him their support and helped him acquire two military amphibious troop carriers.

“Valev claims every refugee is a potential jihadist and once described his hunts, saying: ‘I would describe it as simply a sporting activity. You can’t describe sportsmen as violent.'”

Here is a video of the inside of his chopper:

And a picture of the helicopter he posted to Facebook:

And here he is in some sort of tank:

And here is saving teachers from a crashed bus:

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    So, that’s what the new Russian helio looks like.