Massachusetts Employees Arrested For Making Fake ID’s For Illegal Aliens

Four employees, and six people total, at the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Massachusetts were arrested for providing fake ID’s to illegal aliens. They sold them to illegal immigrants all over the country, some of which had been deported in the past. A few of those phony licenses were used to register to vote in Boston.

Mass Live has the story:

“Evelyn Medina, 56, of Boston; Annette Gracia, 37, of Boston; Kimberly Jordan, 33, of Randolph; David Brimage, 46, of Boston; Bivian Yohanny Brea, 41, of Boston; and a 32-year-old man identified as John Doe were all charged in federal court with aggravated identity theft.

“The case against the six people began after Massachusetts State Police received an anonymous letter in October 2015 claiming a “corrupt RMV employee” was providing stolen identifications and drivers’ license to people seeking the phony documents.

“‘An investigation revealed that several Haymarket RMV clerks – Medina, Gracia, Jordan, and Brimage – were allegedly working with Brea, who acted as the document vendor, and Flako, who acted as the document dealer, to provide licenses and identification cards to illegal aliens for cash,’ the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.”

Flako’s job was to deal documents. He sold a Puerto Rican birth certificate and a Social Security card to Brea. He was paid around $900. Brea then sold those identities to clients for over $2,000. Many of those were illegal aliens. One had even faced drug charges before. Brea used some of the documents to get people registered to vote.

The scheme was rather sophisticated and involved the perpetrators abusing their power at the RMV:

“‘The clerks also accepted cash to use the RMV’s system to run queries, including Social Security number audits, to confirm that the identities the clients were stealing actually belonged to verifiable individuals,’ the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.”

The investigation is ongoing and there have been no convictions as of yet. Everything mentioned above is alleged by law enforcement at this time.