MAJOR VICTORY! Federal Judge Rules Obama’s Power Grab Unconstitutional

Former President Obama has to be livid that one of his marquee accomplishments of climate change regulations was shot down by federal courts.

The court ruled that the Environment Protection Agency does not have the power to implement a 2015 rule that banned hydeofluorocarbons(HFCs) HFCs are commonly found in refrigerators, car air conditioners and aerosol spray cans.

While this might sound a bit wonky, it will have major reverberations for the U.S. economy – in a VERY good way!

The DC Appeals Court ruled that since HFC’s do not hurt the ozone, the EPA could not classify them as banned chemicals.

“Indeed, before 2015, EPA itself maintained that Section 612 did not grant authority to require replacement of nonozone-depleting substances such as HFCs,” the court wrote.

“EPA’s novel reading of Section 612 is inconsistent with the statute as written. Section 612 does not require (or give EPA authority to require) manufacturers to replace non-ozonedepleting substances such as HFCs,” said the opinion, written by Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

This is similar to the water regulation policy President Trump rolled back soon after his inauguration.

“The regulation, known as the Waters of the U.S. rule, broadened the definition of the type of water body that would fall under EPA’s formidable clean water enforcement powers, making everything from streams to ditches and watering holes subject to the EPA’s and Army Corps of Engineers’ oversight.

The rule has been a top target for the GOP on Capitol Hill for more than two years, with Republicans and some Democrats opposing the regulation, which was renamed the Clean Water Rule after being made final by EPA. Trump vowed to repeal the regulation during his campaign. The executive order is meant to be a sign that he intends to keep his promises to supporters, who want to rein in the Obama administration’s overreaching rules.”

This is a huge win for Americans. Businesses and families can get our from the grip of the overarching Obama policies.

  • jreg9304

    Well, Obozo, It looks like part of you got flushed, Ya POS!!!

  • barry1817

    Yes and the legacy of B.O. is getting smaller and smaller and soon will be if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, Lie, keep your plan LIE, and pay less LIE

    And with that legacy will be how he destroyed the democrat party as they lost the house, the senate the presidency, state governors, state houses, and more than 1000 elected statewide positions.

    Well done Bozo, what a legacy, and it goes with your comment that while you will go down as the worst president in history, you were right.

    • RERJR

      I don’t appreciate your name-calling towards a former US President but otherwise I agree with everything else you said.

      • barry1817

        You are correct. I should just stay with his initials

  • David McAllister

    President Trump is undoing the damage done by ex-King Obama. Ooh rah!

    • ScooterBoy

      Obama never was a King, just a POS!

      • David McAllister

        Agreed, but my point was that he thought and acted like he was king instead of President.

  • old codger

    I remember seeing and I didn’t save the link BUT supposedly Jimmy, The peanut farmer, Carter said to Oblowme; “Thank you for taking my crown for the worst President in the history of the U.S.”!!!!

    For Jimmy to have said that and BTW it was early on in Bathhouse Barry’s Presidency is MONUMENTAL!!

    • ScooterBoy

      Referring Obama as oblowme: He probably has BLOWN many!

      • bwyatt33

        According to Larry Sinclair, Obama likes his t*******s licked. Yuk!!!!

  • ScooterBoy

    Obama: Crawl back under your rock and stay there!
    We do not want to see or hear from you again!

  • donl

    8 long years of listening to Obie’s Communist Comments turned me into an Anti Democrat.

  • Gail Davis

    Communist Muslim Obama needs to be tried for treason against the US. He is one corrupt, evil person who desparately tried to bring our country to it’s knees. I am so glad the court ruled differently.

    • Doris Will


  • higgy01

    I’ll wager there are many, many rulings like this one by the Obama administration that exceeds the authority of those trying to impose them. Not just the EPA but many other agencies under Obama were out of control. Couple that with the illegal tactics of the IRS and anthropogenic climate change lies of NASA, NOAA and some other agencies again including the EPA and you have an administration that has to be wiped clean, and probably all put in prison for corruption among other things.

  • boxdin

    And another one bites the dust………..hey hey

  • Gramma76

    Now is we could just rid our country of the POS that would be even greater!! Beware of obama and the Deep State. They are all EVUL and out to destroy America! They must fail!!

  • Esau’s Message

    The EPA began as a gross unconstitutional excess itself and violating the law and exceeding its jurisdiction have been a grand tradition there ever since.

  • Big Ed

    I think Obama worked on the principle that he would just write any law he wanted and begin to act on it. It well knew that the laws were illegal, but his reasoning was that by the time a ruling was made, people would be used to the law and would just let it slide (kind of like the Obamacare fiasco-change it any way he liked and get people to demand the changes made. While Obamacare is falling flat on it’s face, there are portions of Obamacare some knuckleheads are demanding be retained. If Trump weren’t president, some of the other cases where Obama invented laws would similarly be still active even though judges ruled against the law.

  • Al Zabel

    Won’t be long and the Obummer administration, will make the Jimmy Carter administration,
    look like it was a complete success. (even though he was voted, the worst President in history)