The Latest In The Trans Movement: Becoming An Elfboy


We thought the trans movement could not get more bizarre, then we hear a story like Elfboy. First, a woman identified as a ‘Trans-Species Cat‘ and then there was ‘Trans-age‘ and now Trans-Elf?

Luis Padron is a 25-year-old Argentinian who identifies as trans-Species. He spends £4,000 a month on treatments, creams, and dyes to look like an elf. He spent another £25,000 on surgery that included a nose job, full body hair removal, lipsouction, and to change his eye color. He is also undergoing limb lengthening to become 6ft 5in tall. He wants to have his ears pointed and hair implants.

The Buenos Aires native says that he has always been obsessed with fantasy beings after being bullied as a child. He decided that he had to escape to another world to get away from the abuse so he wanted to go at it fully. His ultimate goal is to be ‘fully tansformed’ into an elf, whatever that means:

The 25-year-old, who sells cosplay merchandise, said: ‘I want to be an elf, an angel and a fantasy being, my aim is to look inhuman, ethereal, graceful and delicate.

‘I have my own beauty ideal and want to achieve that no matter what.

‘I want to have my ears cut to become pointy like an elves, my jaw to look more sharp like a diamond, a face-lift and an eye-lift to give my eyes a cat-like shape.

‘I am also consider having muscle implants too.

‘There’s also a surgery to make you taller and I will remove four of my ribs too, so that I can shape my waist to make it thinner.’

‘Even when I’m not dressed up like an elf people stare at me. I have had long white hair for five years, I use larger contact lenses and I am very tall.

‘I use make-up to enhance my features so they are more angelic and wear clothing that’s more stylish or antique.

‘I consider myself trans-species, in the same way transgender people feel, I need to become how I feel inside, I don’t expect people to understand but I ask they respect it.

Padron says his elf tendencies are not an obsession.

This is what he used to look like:

Then after some bleaching and a few other surgical procedures:

And this is what he looks like now:

  • mmbNaples

    …..and, why should we care about what he is doing?

    • tom2

      It could be the second alien democrat nominee for president.

  • Suzie W

    The doctors that did this are as sick as he is.