Kid Photobombs CNN At Easter Egg Roll, Mouths ‘Fake News’

This kid might have a bright future in conservative media. During a segment on CNN yesterday, Jim Acosta reported on the Easter Egg Roll from the White House. Immediately to his right (our left) we see a kid who mouths either “fake news” or “f— you.” There is no sound so we can only speculate.

But our money is on “fake news.”

He also threw up the X, which we also like to believe is a reference to the fakery of CNN.


  • moderate voter

    CNN has demonstrated over the years that it is not a non-partial news reporting service. It has a liberal, progressive agenda that reports stories that advance it’s liberal views. There is always a liberal slant to their reports. They should not be viewed and their advertisers should not be patronized. do what we did to Target.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    On a recent trip to the Holy Land, we spoke to many people there. Most of them said the same thing about CNN, The said, “Do not watch CNN. They are Liars!”.

    How true. If a story does not fit their Leftist, anti-America, and anti-Western Civilization Narrative, they will not report it or truncate it or otherwise diminish it. CNN is Garbage!

    Ps. while those kids were indeed misbehaving, they communicated exactly how We The People feel about the Libtard Bastards at CNN. Let them rot in their Secular, anti-Life Filth.

  • Esau’s Message

    It could have been “Fake News.” Or it could have been something that sounded like “Fake News.”

  • roboteq

    I am appalled at the racism depicted by there being no Muslim children in attendance for that event.