Judge Halts Eight Executions Then Participates In Anti-Death Penalty Protest

Call this a clear case of judicial misconduct. Judge Wendell Griffen halted eight inmates from being executed in Arkansas last week. But he didn’t do it based on any new evidence or legal proceedings. He did it because he is morally opposed to the death penalty.

Griffen granted a restraining order on the state from using vecuronium bromide, which is a drug used in lethal injections.

To further illustrate his beliefs he then attended an anti-death penalty rally, where he laid down on a cot at bound himself like a condemned man on a gurney. And people are not pleased with his actions:

“Griffen’s participation in Friday’s protest outside the governor’s mansion sparked outrage among death penalty supporters, including Republican lawmakers who described it as judicial misconduct and potential grounds for Griffen’s removal from the bench.

“Griffen, a Pulaski County circuit judge, said he’s morally opposed to the death penalty and that his personal beliefs alone shouldn’t disqualify him from taking up certain cases. For years, he has been pushing the boundaries of how much a judge can speak out on controversial issues.

“‘We have never, in my knowledge, been so afraid to admit that people can have personal beliefs yet can follow the law, even when to follow the law means they must place their personal feelings aside,’ Griffen told The Associated Press on Saturday.”

This just shows the real dictatorships are in the judicial branch, not the executive. If judges are allowed to make rulings not on law, but from their personal beliefs, what happens when the shoe is on the other foot? What if a conservative judge refuses to allow gay marriage? Or abortion? Is that ok with the left?

Griffen has been a judge since 2010. He unsuccessfully ran for state Supreme Court twice.

Lawmakers are rightfully considering impeachment for the judge.

  • VanceJ

    Fire the SOB.!!!!!!!!!

  • sandraleesmith46

    This HAS to be stopped; he’s entitled to his opinion, personally. But he is NOT entitled to rule based on it, on ANYTHING: his job is to follow the extant LAWS! It seems something approaching 90% of our “judiciary” are ruling based on how they THINK the gov’t should be and the laws should read, not how they ARE!

  • CR

    When is the law not a law? When a Libturd has a different opinion!!

  • Susan P

    This judge should be removed from the bench and forever forbidden to practice law. His personal opinions are NOT law and he sould follow the law in each and every judicial decision.

  • Esau’s Message

    The prosecutors in these cases should seek to have the judge removed from each of these cases for demonstrated bias. Then they should report the judge to the state legislature’s judiciary committees and the state Supreme Court for violation of judicial ethics and the State Bar for violation of legal ethics. Seek to have him impeached and to have his law license pulled. These sorts of stunts are not permitted to lawyers and judges. At least not in Arkansas.

  • Garx72

    This is another judge that was probably appointed by ex-president o. They are all a thorn in the side of our judicial system. The total SWAMP MUST BE CLEANED up.

  • Stanley Cohen

    Q: How do you address an attorney with an IQ of 68?

    A: Good morning, your honor!