ISIS Launches Chemical Attack On American And Iraqi Troops

ISIS has stepped up their attacks on American and coalition troops in the Middle East. Reports out of Mosul, Iraq indicate ISIS used chemical weapons against coalition forces on Sunday.

At this point we do not know what kind of chemical agent was used but so far there are no major casualties reported. But six Iraqis are having breathing problems.

“Maj. Gen. Joseph Martin, the commander of coalition ground forces in Iraq, said the military is still awaiting test results to determine what chemical agent ISIS used in the attack on Sunday. The terrorist group has previously used chlorine and sulfur mustard agents in both Iraq and Syria.

“Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasool told the Associated Press on Sunday that six Iraqis experienced breathing problems as a result of the attack on a unit that includes American and Australian advisers.

“Martin refused to confirm the number of Iraqi security forces that were effected, but said all who were involved in the attack received medical treatment. He also declined to comment whether U.S. or Australian military advisers were embedded in the Iraqi unit at the time of the attack.

“‘We share the same risks as Iraqi forces,’ Martin told reporters in a video stream from Baghdad. ‘We are forward with the Iraqis.'”

Mosul is facing intense fighting. The United States are leading coalition operations to retake Mosul from ISIS.