Guess Who Just Asked For $15,000,000,000,000

We all know that the way leftists make their money is by asking for it and getting handouts. Guess which liberal recently did just that? Al Gore. Al Gore is asking for more money to end the myth that is known as, global warming. The way he is going to do this by putting ridiculously high taxes on fossil fuels. The Washington Examiner explains what the tax is:

“Gore would start the tax at $50 per ton, which would increase to $100 per ton over time, essentially destroying the market for continued robust development of the world’s fossil-fuel base.”

This goes to prove the leftist belief of a big government and how we the people should have no say in it whatsoever. This tax exists to prevent something that does not even exist. Scientists actually proved global warming to be just one big conspiracy. Tom Karl, the director of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, said, “The rate of temperature increase during the last half of the 20th century is virtually identical to that of the 21st century.”

Since NOAA disproved global warming as a direct cause of the influx of more fossil fuel use, then why should we have a tax on them? Al Gore just wanted to scare more Americans by making it seem like a much larger deal than it actually is.

Gore’s tax must be abolished because it is unlawful and built on false claims of global warming. Proof exists saying that global warming is false. Don’t let the leftists scare you into believing it does.

  • VanceJ

    Gore can go F himself.!!!!

  • Sue

    Pogo stick traveling Algore. He generates his own electricity by talking crap. Cuts his own wood for heat. Weaves his own clothes, grows his own food and harvests it by hand. Oh—-never mind.

  • Terry Brown

    scerw al gore

  • Ron Hussey

    He and the climate change imbeciles are degenerate scam artists.

  • Carlos Renowitzky

    Don’t give him a f….ng penny to this SOB, he is full of hot air

  • Gizmo

    Get a real job Gore! No more handouts!

  • Jonathan Brooks

    Al Gore must have gotten tired of chasing massage girls while running nekked, and has decided to put on his money suit, and get back to reprising his favorite roll as “The Music Man”.

    Instead of decrying the sins of evil Pool in River City, he comes into town decrying the evil of human exhalation known as CO2.
    Albert wants to tax us for breathing, because of Mother Gaia, and saving the bunnies and fishies and all the little children.
    Gore is the ultimate conman, working the greenie weenies and protocommies for that old time religion of Earth Worship (which is the drag for One World Globalist State worship, that make Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea so happy.)

  • Frankiedoodle

    Gore is looking more like a snake everyday, look @ his eyes.

  • AnAmericanRight

    I have just one word to describe Al Gore, “moron”.

  • Jarhead

    Ban tree huggers from using oil or coal and lets watch the nincompoops starve and freeze to death in the dark.