FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Pushed For Gun Control After Seth Rich Was Murdered

Today we learned that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was indeed the person who leaked thousands of emails to Wikileaks. The leaked emails showed collusion against Bernie Sanders in the primary and became an important issue in the 2016 election.

To this day the Democrats have tried to blame the leaks on the Russians working with the Trump campaign.

Now that Rich has been confirmed as the leaker, comments and emails made at the time by Clinton and her spokespeople seems really suspect.

For instance, one of those leaked emails came from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta who said he wanted to ‘make an example‘ out of whoever leaked those emails. And comments made right after the murder by Hillary Clinton herself are turning heads.

In the wake of the Rich murder, Clinton gave a speech calling for more gun control. She used the horrific crime as political talking points:

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, invoked Rich’s name to advocate for change of her own – pushing to limit the proliferation of guns. She listed mass killings and the shooting of Rich a block from his home in the Bloomingdale neighborhood.

“From Sandy Hook to Orlando to Dallas, and so many other places, these tragedies tear at our soul,” Clinton said in Portsmouth, N.H. “And so do the incidents that don’t even dominate the headlines. Just this past Sunday, a young man, Seth Rich, who worked for the Democratic National Committee to expand voting rights, was shot and killed in his neighborhood in Washington. He was just 27 years old.

Clinton went on to implore, “Surely we can agree that weapons of war have no place on the streets of America.”

So behind closed doors her campaign chairman was looking to make an example of the DNC leaker. To the public Hillary Clinton was using his death to win votes.

These people are disgusting.

  • Jason Greene

    yeah but it’s funny every time somebody crosses her path in a wrong-way the end up dead

    • ginamero

      Funny? No. Curious? Yes! She’s has more than just Rich’s blood on her hands. And her followers will not hear it or they don’t care.

    • Hilly and Billy have a lot invested in the funeral business.

  • John

    The democrats came up with “Sanctuary cities” where illegals are protected from prosecution just because they “accidentily” killed American citizens! The communist/democrat party should be banned for being a terrorist organization!

    • Gail Davis

      Amen! Also, Clinton wants to band guns, but look at all those people that have died at her hands, what would she do without a gun. Oh, I forgot she had someone do her dirty work for her!

      • marlene.langert

        Getting someone else to do the actual crime is still extremely illegal and those people are also sent to prison.

  • GrizzMann

    Podesta seems to have made an example of how to plug a leak. Democrats seem to be good plumbers.

    • Kent2012

      find a hole stuff a body in there…hole no too large just jam their head in..

    • They have to be good plumbers with all the crap they flush.

  • Oldfart1939

    If we ever need to find the Clintons, simply follow the trail of dead bodies.

    • I hope that you realize it would be a long walk down the trail. Pack a good lunch.

      • Ovomit1

        ..and a suitcase

  • Kent2012

    more trash news from the $lutty clintoney crime family hores..

  • OpenTheDoor

    “These people are disgusting.”
    You’re too kind.

  • elmcqueen3

    To date all shooters of notoriety since John Wilkes Booth have been Democrats…Example: “The Democrats are playing you for a political chump and if you vote for them, not only are you a CHUMP, you are a traitor to your own race”…Malcolm X…He was shot and killed 2 days later by 4 black Democrats after he made this statement.

    • reagangs

      Demowits, the party of the KKK. Remember old Woodrow Wilson, a demowit, welcomed the KKK. He spent the last months on office with dementia caused by a heart attack while his wife ran the federal government.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Disgusting is a word that does not even come close to what she and her liberal colleagues are!

    • reagangs

      Under world trolls, would be A GOOD START. Channeling old Al Capone and his mafia. Old Al would be impressed.

  • reagangs

    Just another “notch” in the Clintons “legacy” of dead bodies. 40+ something, by now.

    • At least 52 by now; growing daily.

  • marlene.langert

    Hillary had Seth murdered, two shoots in the back. That is in addition to the 57 others she has had murdered. SHe must be put in prison to say the very least.

  • art

    probably one of barry’s friend that he let out of jail

  • roboteq

    Summary; DNC staffer leaks emails. Hillary Clinton blames Trump. DNC staffer revealed as source of leaks. DNC staffer executed.

  • Ovomit1

    …I guess this beast was carrying a “weapon of war” when she shot him in the back

  • CaptTurbo

    Pretty sick to have a guy murdered and then use his murder as a prop to her agenda.

  • Esau’s Message

    It’s ironic, I tell ya. Sorta like Hellary twisting a knife in the dead man’s wound.