Filmmaker Ami Horowitz Goes To Venezuela To Get The Truth About Socialism

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz is shocked at how many American Democrats fully embrace socialism. In his newest film Ami goes to Venezuela, the heart of socialism in South America, to get a first hand look at what a real socialist state looks like from the inside.

And what he found was distrurbing.

Ami says the film, “is an immersive dive into the horrors of Venezuela and how the democrats seem to want to take us down that road.”

People are starving in Venezuela. Crime and corruption have replaced full bellies. People live in constant fear of violence.

Ami’s documentary sheds the light on many of these issues. It’s an eye-opening exposé and well worth your time.

  • fishydude

    American Liberals actually blame the failure of socialism in Venezuela on Capitalism and US corporate raiders.
    Yet it was US companies operating in Venezuela that had their property and assets in Venezuela stolen by the government.
    No matter what evidence you put in front of an American who self identifies as a socialist, they will always blame disaster on capitalism.

  • Darrell Ali

    Strange that all 10 countries above the the US in terms of the Human Development index are social democracies (Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark etc) But I agree – screw poor people for getting cancer! Its real simple poor people, if you are poor DON’T GET CANCER! Man… poor people are such A-holes…