Federal Judge Rules In FAVOR Of Sharia Advocates, Forces PC Rules On NJ Town

A town in New Jersey has now forbidden residents from using the words ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’ in court hearings. And they must pay a local Islamic group $3.5 million.

Bernards Township was sued for refusing to approve of a mosque project:

“In a settlement agreement which reads more like a declaration of surrender, Bernards Township, New Jersey officials agreed that in addition to a $3.5 million payment to Islamic Society of Basking Ridge (ISBR), residents and citizens of the Township are prohibited from commenting on “Islam” or “Muslims” at the upcoming public hearing to approve the settlement. Astonishingly, a federal judge approved the prohibition as a fully enforceable Order of the Court.”

The Thomas More Law Center then got involved to sue the township for forcing its residents to be ‘politically correct’ and not talk about Islam and Muslims. The limitation to not talk about those things during the planning meeting was overarching and not within reason for the city that is discussing the plans for the new mosque.

“Members of the public have been instructed not to discuss Islam or Muslims during one public meeting prescribed by a legal settlement in which city officials have limited time to consider and approve a project that has a track record of being dragged out for years and also inspiring heated emotions. However there is no over-arching law in Bernards Township “forbidding” citizens from criticizing Islam or its followers outside of that one extremely limited setting.”

The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge sued the township, but chief counsel for Thomas More, Richard Thompson, knows that this is a slippery slope.

“ISBR is setting a dangerous unconstitutional precedent by abusing a court process to chill and trample on the First Amendment rights of private citizens whose only involvement was to speak out against the mosque at public hearings,” Thompson said earlier this year.

But the group who won the case has radical ties:

“Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, commented: “As we have previously documented, ISBR has taken the extraordinary step of concealing significant links on their website to a radical group named by the federal government as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in American history, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). ISNA is claimed by the Muslim Brotherhood as one of ‘our organizations.’ According to internal documents seized by the FBI, the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy is to engage in a ‘grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within…’”

You can read the federal complaint here (pdf).

  • Alan J Fraize

    arrest an jail all involved

  • injunear1

    Judge has violated the Constitution.

  • Lynn B

    F*cking Ridicules !!! Ignorant Judge should be FIRED W NO Pension ! This Bull Sh*t was BANNED way back in the 1950’s !!!!

  • Mark Baugh

    Shot judge first

  • Ulla Camp

    Could it be that judge was appointed by obama?? Could it be that he is muslim or is he running scared??? Either way he is running afoul with the constitution and he is also running afoul with the Law signed by President Eisenhower back in 1952…………..So it is about time that we tell them to kiss off and go to another country and build their damned mosques……..


    People of Bernards Township. Under the First Amendment, you should be able to say muslim or islam in any geographical location in the USA and in any circumstance or context.

    Hey judge and CAIR. Shove it deeply up your pie holes!!!

  • stevor

    just reference islam as “that satanic cult” and everybody will know what you’re talking about

  • Charlie

    The ruling seems to lack separation of church and state . Seems that a religion is becoming more powerful than the state . This opposes one of the main reasons for our revolutionary war and our constitution . The sitting judge confuses his personal believes with his sworn oath to We the People’s Constitution of the Republic of the United States . Just because a law suit has been filed does not mean said suit needs to be heard by any court . Just because someone or group wants to build something does not mean said permit to build needs to be granted . Any public servant that accepts any type of personal gain to grant anything that is contrary to said public servant’s oath to our Constitution should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of our laws . Judges , politicians , LEOs or any other public servant are not above our laws , President Richard Nixon proved this statement . All public servant should be honorable ( guess this is just a dream ) .

    • mbnick

      Most of the no info Obama moochers seem to think that muslim is a race.

  • Atef Helmy

    Judge is a radical Muslims fail the American people but award the terrorist group money and place to broadcast their hate…
    judge need to end his own life .

  • Grant Fisk

    Public Law 414 chapter 2 Section 212 clearly states that Sharia and Islam is illegal in the USA! The law was passed June 27, 1952 “The prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization, religion or cult seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by force, violence or other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States!

    • Roy Smart

      Thank you Grant Disk for pointing out what a lot of people do not know including especially CONGRESS, SENATE, AND THE SUPREME COURT!!! Or they do NOT ENFORCE THE LAWS ALREADY WRITTEN IN THE LAW OF THE LAND, THE CONSTITUTION!!! THANK YOU SIR!!!

      • irene

        AMEN !!!

    • irene

      GREAT info, Grant! However, who’s going to enforce OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS when we have islamic people taking on government offices, thanks to obama? WAKE up American! “Conquer & divide” is being used on us while we’re fighting with each other, the islams/terrorists/muslims are TAKING OVER!!!

  • batfarts

    The judge’s order is a direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution, and is sufficient grounds for his immediate removal from the bench.

    This is yet another element on the third tine of a three-pronged attack on the structure of the republic, the ultimate goal being to change American culture and governance through government interference.

    Those prongs are: from the top down; from the bottom up; from the inside out.

    The attack began in earnest, appropriately, with BHO’s election, and has succeeded largely because to go against any of O’s programs/appointments/fiats, etc. was to be labeled a racist. Thus, even those who could dimly perceive the outline of a future downside have felt compelled to say nothing.

    Eight years later, the republic would seem to be coming apart at the seams. And any attempts to fix the damage are thwarted at every turn by those very programs, appointments and fiats that caused the damage in the first place.

    And Barry couldn’t be more proud.

  • donl

    This IS Anti-American, get rid of the judge. No doubt he is a Demo-Commie. Fire him NOW!!!

  • mbnick

    Where is the liberal outrage? I “forgot”. They are ANTI American.

  • greg walker

    Time for the judge to go bye-bye….

  • Tim Schwartz

    Townhall meeting are where you have a voice in your community to express concerns to the politicians that represent the people. It’s where community members get to hear the city council members debate in an open forum.

  • Patron 26

    If they don’t start getting RID of the so called Judges that Obama put in office, they will be telling people that they need to do whatever the Arabs tell the citizens how to live!
    Real CITIZENS need to wake up if they want to survive!

  • irene

    IF this isn’t a KICK in the head, I don’t know what is!! We ARE Americans! Whose laws is this judge using? NOT OURS! Why is this guy NOT using our LAWS & HELPING the terrorists take over OUR country??? Is this judge a muslim???

  • jhforsythe

    What an idiot judge! This so-called judge should be impeached.

  • Al Zabel

    So much for “FREE SPEECH!”
    According to a gutter dweller, that feeds on sewer remnants.

  • prm2012

    They don’t belong in these United States of America. Round the lot of them up and send them back where they came from.If they want to practice Islam, do it in any place but the United States of America.

  • prm2012

    That trash don’t belong in these United States of America. “PERIOD”
    They can take the Islam back where they came from, America isn’t a Muslim Country. Put them where they belong, or anywhere but the United States.