Eric Bolling Suing Huffington Post Reporter For $50 Million

Eric Bolling

Fox News host Eric Bolling was recently suspended after a reporter for the HuffPost printed allegations he had send lewd photos to female co-workers. Bolling has denied the accusations and maintained his innocence. After Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes were fired for similar reasons, Fox News isn’t taking any chances. But today we learned that Bolling is not going down without a fight.

The HuffPost reporter, Yashar Ali, announced via Twitter that Bolling is suing him for $50 million:

The summons appears to be genuine:

“Just received a summons. Eric Bolling is suing me for defamation – $50 million in damages. I stand by my reporting + will protect my sources,” Ali tweeted.

Bolling is seeking $50 million from Ali for a myriad of damages including, “reputable, monetary, special, and punitive.” Bolling is also seeking relief for “costs and fees,” according to a copy of the summons tweeted by CNN reporter Tom Kludt.

Ali reported that Bolling sent these unsolicited photos on multiple occasions. But Bolling will not admit to any such thing:

  • navyvet1986

    No surprise, an Arabic name is involved…again…they hate Conservatives and everything Christian. Their god commands them to lie, cheat and kill. Those are Satan’s features!


      Pure evil indeed, I call it being in Satan’s army.

  • gobrien

    Only $50M??? Tired of pretend journalists/reporters/or whatever they want to call themselves — trying to destroy Republican’s reputations. Hope you win Eric.

  • nimbii

    Why do these reporters think there’s a big-time gig in it for this type of thing?


    Might have known another Muslim attack on our right wing media. This guy is a Muslim no doubt. The Huffington Post is a rag left wing newspaper. I definitely didn’t think Bolling was the type to be a pervert.

    • John810

      It does not make the man perfect, but as for character I understand that Mr. Bolling attends mass and receives the Eucharist daily. This accusation does not fit the average God fearing Christian. I hope Mr. Bolling extend his suit to include the Huffington Post also that rag needs to be placed firmly in the Yellow Rag corner!


        Yes, he should sue the newspaper for this slanderous story for the same amount he’s suing the Muslim.

  • kmbold

    Who’s next on their list? Varney at Business? Fox is already a shadow of its former self.

  • poppytoymaker

    Sue Huffington for another $100,000,000 if they haven’t fact checked this bullshit

  • Al Zabel

    As the attacks, on the Right Wing Media, continue.
    Let’s air everything. Shall we?
    Many people died, because of the erroneous reporting, from the left leaning. MSM.
    What say, we sue for damages and compensation?
    Of course, they will protect their sources. But we already have, the evidence.
    BLM: responsible for how many deaths of police officers?
    OWS: Responsible for how many rapes, sexual assaults and deaths?
    The list goes on.
    But, they were ALL coddled and catered to. By the left wing media.
    Who are the slimiest propaganda machine, of the liberal left.
    Scum sucking, sewer infesting, gutter slime.
    Most have already been proven, as “Fake News” outlets.

  • sandsway2nd

    Not enough Eric !

  • neil schuberg

    These reporters say unnamed sources and write whatever they can think up.If you want to protect your unnamed source you will lose the case. Now what?

  • We need common sense.

    Are all these reporters slime-balls? No wonder President Trump tweets out stuff. Frankly, my
    dear, I’m tired of the constant “gotcha” so called news crapola. How about the truth for a change?
    If I only want crap/lies, I’d read those type news sources. Stopped going to movies and watching
    much TV; even the internet is full of it. Sick & tired of all the lies, lying and untrustworthy junk.

  • John810

    Stand firm Mr. Bolling there are many out her who support you.

  • malady43

    These Fake news stories are all about taking down the Republicans, they can’t take President Trump so they will go after anyone that can get the news out to show what a bad mistake the Muslims really are, as well as the DNC.