Disabled Veteran Removes Disrespectful Teenagers Standing On An American Flag

A protest at UCLA was interrupted by a disabled veteran who had seen enough of these hooligans disrespecting America.

A group of protesters were shouting out nonsensical liberal talking points through a megaphone while standing on an American flag.

Then a disabled vet, who has to walk with a cane, taught them a lesson they will never forget.

The man shouted, “Why do you have the right? Because people are DYING for your stupid ass! They are dying for you so you can have this right! You are shitting where you are eating!”

He then took matters into his own hands and saved the flag.

None of the students who witnessed the event helped the veteran. But they did give him a round of applause when he knocked two protesters off the flag.

  • QuadGMoto

    The flag represents this country, a country which is made up of its citizens. When these idiots disrespect the symbol of this country, they are disrespecting themselves and everyone around them.

  • nrahat

    Those two are a good example of what our public schools and colleges are putting out today. Isn’t it time to clean them out before they destroy our country. Those goofy stupid girls do not know any better. They were not taught the real history of the USA. The USA is a free country, but we do have laws and deliberate disrespect of the country should be against the law.

  • reagangs

    They’re lucky any other vet didn’t show up and actually do some damage. These young arrogant snot heads need a lesson in realty.

    • nrahat

      I remember that day very well almost as if it was yesterday.

  • Esau’s Message

    They are so sad, these little radical pukes. One disabled vet plowing back three of them. Guys and girls, hit the weight room. Your protest is not worth a darned, if you are not ready to defend it.