College Student Going To Jail After Registering Dead People For Democrats

Andrew Spieles, 21, must serve a 100-day prison sentence for falsifying eighteen Virginia Registration forms last August. Spieles is a James Madison University student who registered the deceased for the Democratic Party.

The court waived fees with the charges because he is unable to pay them. He will not have to serve probation after being released from jail.

WSET reports:

“On August 15, 2016, an employee at the Registrar’s Office contacted law enforcement after another employee in the office recognized a registration form submitted in the name of the deceased father of a Rockingham County judge.

“The Registrar’s Office discovered multiple instances of similarly falsified forms when it reviewed additional registrations.

“Some were in the names of deceased individuals while others had incorrect middle names, birth dates, and social security numbers.

“The Registrar’s Office then learned that the individuals named in these forms had not in face submitted the new voter registrations; the assistant registrar’s personal knowledge of the names of some of the individuals named in the falsified documents facilitated the detection of the crime.”

Spieles used “walk sheets” given to him by the state Democratic Party to obtain names, ages, and addresses of individuals. He fabricated birth dates and social security numbers for the forms. He later admitted his crime and pleaded guilty.

He was eager to falsify these documents because the Democratic Party pushed him into meeting a quota:

“Spieles told investigators that he alone was responsible for the fake voter registrations and claimed his antics were designed to help his co-worker reach a registration “quota,” The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported in June.

“Court documents reveal Spieles’ job was to register as many voters as possible and report to the Democratic campaign headquarters in Harrisonburg, according to WCAV.

“The fraud is punishable by up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine, but Spieles reached a plea agreement with Assistant United States Attorney Jeb Terrien that limited his sentence to between 100 and 120 days behind bars.”

And despite the left telling us voter fraud is not a big deal and never happens, it does and it is. The Harrisonburg Police Department worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this matter. They did not take this lightly. Spieles was convicted in a federal court for his crime.

  • Hal Lemoyne

    I believe this little 21 year old liberal piece of sh*t

    is just plain getting off way to easy

    and this is what’s very wrong with our judicial penal system

    it stupidly allows criminals like this young dumbass

    to literally get off with committing criminal acts so conveniently

    without real consequences!!!

    • Joe M

      The sentence was much to lenient. He should at least serve at one year for each name he submitted. I wonder if the plea agreement with the Assistant United States Attorney Jeb Terrien was an Odumbo appointee?

      • jreg9304

        You can most assuredly bet that the Prosecuter and judge were both Obozo appointees.


    He deserves jail time.

  • Gnowark

    It’s not like voter fraud, all he did was register dead people, not vote for them, right? Because that would be wrong, and his supervisor, that established the supposed quota, wouldn’t have told him how to meet the quota, either, right? You can just ask former State Dept employees: hillbitch, loretta, and uma

  • Mark V

    I’d love to see this Jackass get 10 years.

  • Bill

    This was a slap on the wrist. Anyway you look at this case this was knowingly committing a fraudulent act. Everyone knows this crap has been going on, but snicker, snicker our election department officials can not seem to find anyone. How many elections have been stolen???

  • Sparky

    Tip of the iceberg. I feel certain that plenty of his friends were doing the same thing. Just didn’t get caught yet. If you have not seen it yet, look up what Judicial Watch discovered in California where the number of registered voters far exceeds the total population in various districts. Time to thoroughly investigate, prosecute, fine and jail perpetrators who are bonafide citizens and IMMEDIATELY deport non-citizen caught voting.


      “Tip of the iceberg” BS. Where is your proof? You are believing “Fake News”,

      • dmeisin

        Where’s the proof it isn’t happening? The Democrats are not allowing the voter fraud investigation to go forward in their states…

      • DUTCHIET

        That is the saddest argument I have ever heard. Your proof is show it is not happening? That is like police saying we know where the killer isn’t, so we are doing our job. You have no proof because this is all fake news to pacify the ego of the Jerk who cannot accept reality.

      • dmeisin

        Thank you…you just gave me an argument for why the investigation into Trump is a sham. By the way…did you see the report showing the many counties in California that had more registered voters than voting age residents?

      • DUTCHIET

        Sham? The man child is pro Putin and anti NATO. Where is his friend Putin when he needs him to take a positive stand when it come to NK? What report?

      • dmeisin

        Again…you’re proving my point. Where is Putin? What examples of Trump be buds with Putin? So wanting NATO countries to fulfill their commitments is being anti-nato? What PROOF do you have that he is anti-Nato for pete’s sake?

      • DUTCHIET

        Of course, that is if you can believe anything he tells you?

      • dmeisin

        Again ….examples? You got nothing…may want to find a safe space there snowflake…

      • DUTCHIET

        What do you do when you have no facts? You ignore the questions. I ask that you just go away until you can prove what you are trying to convince me is real. Just because some one tells you it is, does not make it so. No matter how much you support Trump. This is the guy who when you say he “speaks with a fork tongue” it begs the question, How many forks can there be?

      • dmeisin
      • DUTCHIET

        Below is from the site you gave me/ Let us look at it and see what we can determine
        They site verbal accounts (hearsay), the 2011-2015 census (populations has been know to increase in the great state of CA) and then state they have “circumstantial evidence” not of fraud but of not conducting reasonable voter registration list.
        This is not proof, this is some one opinion. Again where is your proof?

        From public records obtained on the Election Assistance Commission (“EAC”) 2016 Election Administration Voting Survey (“EAVS”), and through verbal accounts from various county agencies, eleven (11) counties in California have more total registered voters than citizen voting age population (CVAP) calculated by the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011-2015 American Community Survey. This is strong circumstantial evidence that California municipalities are not conducting reasonable voter registration list maintenance as mandated under the NVRA.

      • dmeisin

        You just don’t get it do you? There is more evidence here than on anything you’ve mentioned…ie Trump and Russia…Trump and Nato…Hillary and emails…etc.

      • heyrosi

        dutchiet should be spelled douchette

      • John Finn

        How about douchbag? That fits that troll I think.

      • DUTCHIET

        I have the same thing to say to you Why is it that when you have nothing intelligent to add you resort to name calling. Either say something intelligent or finish reading your comic book

      • DUTCHIET

        Why is it that when you have nothing intelligent to add you resort to name calling. Either say something intelligent or finish reading your comic book

      • speedle24

        Pro Putin? Where is your “proof” Sport?

      • dmeisin


      • heyrosi

        They sent a “thank you for registering” card to a man who is dead and it went to his son who is a judge in Harrisonburg. It was a lead story around here

      • dmeisin

        By the way…if you’re looking for someone and you know where he isn’t…then you are on your way to knowing where he is…so you lose here too

      • Brian P Fussmucker

        Isn’t that what the Dems are doing with the Russian hacking?

      • Appreciate

        And you are a fake poster. Why do YOU think the State of California doesn’t want to cooperate with the initiative to clean up our voter rolls. What are they so afraid of? Why was Jill Stein’s ridiculous re-count closed down? Do you recall the answer to that?

      • heyrosi

        Nope. 11 counties in CA and more than 100% of the residents registered to vote. One as high as 117%

      • DUTCHIET

        Where is the proof? Fake news again. all I see is BS with no factual proof. So go away until you have acceptable factual proof, OK.

      • speedle24

        Hey Sport, it’s the job of journalists to uncover these things and support them with proof. Unfortunately the vast majority of the journalists are progressive ideologues and they have no interest in digging for “proof” that would damage their cause. Apparently even though you use the term “fake news”, you don’t really know what it is about.

      • DUTCHIET

        My Friend, you message to me males no sense. You admit that these journalists do not look for proof , thus fake news. Then you tell me I don’t know what it is about? Sorry, but I do ‘t get what you are trying to tell me.

      • speedle24

        Let’s try it this way. There are always stories out there that the public hears about through “unnamed” sources. Many, if not most of these are actually “fake news”. It is the job of journalists to separate the bullsh-t from the facts, and most have no interest in verifying stories that do not advance their ideology. There, I’m sure even you understand that explanation.

      • DUTCHIET

        I must agree with you except when it comes to “unnamed” sources, if you are dealing with a major news outlet, e.g. NY Times. They has sources which they must protect and then prove to be right on.
        But I think we see eye to eye.

      • Fugg

        No wonder intelligent people refer to Democrats as libtard stupid.

      • DUTCHIET

        I have never heard that before. Can you tell me who these people are? And where I can find that reference?

      • Fugg

        “These people” are everywhere. Your having to ask indicates that you are one of the libtard stupid.

      • DUTCHIET

        Dear Fugg, do you really think that the reply you sent me is an acceptable answer?. These people “are everywhere”. Really? If you had given me an intelligent answer we could actually have a discussion but I see now that I must keep my promise of never getting into a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Good bye and good luck.

      • Fugg

        What make you think I want a d8iscussion with libtard stupid? Your arrogance is over the top.

      • DUTCHIET

        I am sorry I thought you were an actual intelligent person, now you are only proving that stupid people have no idea they are stupid. And in your case, you have no idea how stupid you are. Confidence and knowledge are view by stupid people as arrogance because they don;t have either. You are a very good example. Now please go away. Why don’t you go back to reading your book, comic book.

      • Fugg

        Again!!!! What make you think I want a discussion with libtard stupid? It’s a simple question. Even you should be able to formulate an answer. I don’t want to hear about how special you think ypu are.

      • DUTCHIET

        Please just go away. I have no intent to try to deal with such a narrow minded person like you.
        You live in you own world and I am sure you enjoy it. Good for you, now stay there. If you go out in the real world you just don;t have the intellectual skills to survive, So go back to reading that book. And don;t give up you can finish it if you really work at it.

      • Fugg

        Again with the arrogance yet unable to answer a simple question.

      • DUTCHIET

        Like I said you have no idea. And if you look at things I am the one that asked you the question you could not answer which started all this BS. Here you answer this question” Can you tell me who these people are? And where I can find that reference?”
        And what was your question?

      • Fugg

        I already answered that question. Unfortunately your arrogance prevents you from comprehending the answer.

      • DUTCHIET

        In your simple mind you think you have answered but no you haven’t nor have you told me what question you have. Calling me arrogant I take as a complement from someone with you mental capacity (or lack there of).

      • Fugg

        So full of yourself that you can’t see your own ignorance. Must suck to be you

      • John Finn

        You trolls need to get a real life and stop your BS. It’s been announced but several medias about this happening. California would even want to see and type of ID#. So take your meds and relax and stay off the kool aid.

  • deusexmachina1

    As the ballot box appears to be the only power the people have over their government, voter fraud should be a capital crime…..

  • wga8888

    He negated the votes of 100 American citizens. Nice to know negating my vote has an outside chance of costing a person, if caught/prosecuted/convicted, at best 1 day in jail.

  • geraldhoffmann

    The most alarming thing about this is not this guys measly 18 dead voters he “registered” but the fact that the Democrat Party gave him a “walk sheet” and accepted and organized this voter fraud. Of course the major news media will cover this as too much punishment for so few fraudulent registrations and cast ballots and completely ignore the bigger issue which is the Democratic party and their paid organizations and groups that work nationwide with the goal of using whatever means they can to hijack elections and our constitutional processes. Where’s the investigation and charges against the Democrat Party bosses who organize the fraud and pay the people to commit these crimes?



      • RERJR

        Don’t you wish.

      • DUTCHIET

        What a totally brilliant Trumpish response. “Don;t you wish” Spoken like a true blind Trump follower

      • RERJR

        Eight years is a long long time. Better see a doctor and get some meds if you hope to cope.

      • DUTCHIET

        You are really funny or really stupid with your answer, which is not an answer at all. So my answer to you is
        “Don’t you wish”

  • Appreciate

    While I’m happy this ignorant kid is getting punished for doing the bidding of his DNC masters, it still amazes me that the biggest and more corrupt, e.g. Soetoro and the C-Hag and Company are still walking around free. I lay the blame for this directly at the feet of the equally corrupt RINOs who I can’t wait to see primaried out!

  • mbnick

    To Democrats voting is a sport. Every day we see more reasons why Democrats must be removed form public office at every level, plus from our Courts, our Schools. our borders….AND our wallets.

  • jhforsythe

    Not enough time. Should have got 100 years for trying to destroy America.

  • rusaboy

    Rest assured, folks, this is just the tip of the tip of the tip of the voter-fraud iceberg. This puke is getting off much too lightly. A message needs to be sent – this will NOT be tolerated!

  • jim

    How many more of these are out there

  • Al Zabel

    This is what liberalism, looks like.
    Oh, I’m sorry. That didn’t happen. (sarc)
    Because the Welfare Recipient in chief, constantly reminded us:
    “There is no such thing, as voter fraud.”
    But he was right.
    On the Conservative side, there is none.

  • donl

    This putrid punk should never be able to vote again.


    Wow a college dummy did this, makes you wonder after all this only happens when you are uneducated and stupid. But I guess being a crooked, corrupt college lying democrat who is did honest untruthful and a liar just like Hillary Clinton and the rest of the lying democrats who cannot win an election fairly without some crooked deal. Now take a look at yourself and ask yourself this was this worth it. 100 days in the slammer ain’t that bad but if it were me giving you your sentence it would have been twenty long hard labor sentence breaking rocks with a tooth pick.

  • taxpayer22

    Registering Dead People For Democrats

  • munimula

    I sure hope this doesn’t prevent him from running for office. He certainly has the qualifications. </s