Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty To Sexting With Minor

Anthony Weiner will today plead guilty to charges stemming from an incident last year where he sexted with a 15-year-old girl.

He has agreed to the plea on one charge of transferring obscene material to a minor. Weiner, 51, sent inappropriate messages beginning in January 2016.

He could face anywhere from 0 to 10 years in prison. But since he made a deal, jail time seems unlikely. He will probably have to register as a sex offender though.

As it turns out, this all could have been avoided if he had listened to a former sexting partner, Sydney Leathers. Leathers sent Weiner a Facebook message after the 15-year-old girl contacted her about Weiner. It said:

“This is super awkward but you need to know something. There’s a 15-year-old girl named [redacted] messaging me and she’s claiming you guys sext and skyped. And that you know how old she is. For once I’m keeping my mouth shut. I want nothing to do with this. Frankly, I hope it isn’t true. But she showed me a screenshot that looks legit to me. How have you not learned your lesson? This is another level of f**ked up. I suggested to her not to talk to the press so you’re welcome but you may want to refrain from messaging anyone under 18 for gods sake. If she is really someone you’ve been talking to, you better cut that off quickly. She’s talking about potentially messing with Hillary’s campaign. I am kind of pissed to be put in this situation to be honest.”