52-Year-Old Father Lives As A 6 Year Old Girl


Just when you thought the transgender movement couldn’t go any further, it does. Stefonkee (formerly Paul) Wolscht, a married 52-year-old father of seven, in a recent interview with the gay news site The Daily Xtra claims he is now a 6 year old girl.

“The Daily Xtra video, however, glosses over a tiny bit of important information about Wolscht: he thinks he is actually a six year-old girl—not just a woman, but a six year-old girl—stuck in the body of a 50-something man.

“At age 46, Wolscht deserted his wife and his seven children to live his ‘true’ life.

“’There’s days I forget my past,” Wolscht says. “I can actually go a week without even thinking about what was before.’

“’I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children,” Wolscht admits. “But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child. I don’t want to be an adult right now and I just live my life like I couldn’t when I was in school.’

“Wolscht is not speaking in an abstract sense. He actually wants to be a child.”

So how exactly does this work?

“He explains, “Well, I have a mummy and a daddy. [An] adopted mummy and daddy who are totally comfortable with me being a little girl. And their children, and their grandchildren, are totally supportive. In fact, her youngest granddaughter… When I was eight. A year ago, I was eight, and she was seven. And she said to me, ‘I want you to be the little sister, so I’ll be nine.’ I said, ‘Well, I don’t mind going to six.’ So I’ve been six ever since.’

“’We have a great time. We color, we do kids stuff. It’s called play therapy. No medication, no suicide thoughts. And I just get to play,’” Wolscht says.”

Unsurprisingly, Wolscht is in a sexual relationship with his ‘adopted’ father.

Apparently Wolscht spent nine days in jail and in solitary confinement. He did not explain why he was there but he did say that he still played while incarcerated:

She made the cell a kingdom and sang songs there and would not be an adult, so she said they could not hurt her, saying, “If I’m six-years-old, I don’t have to think about adult stuff.”

Wolscht was married for 23 years.


  • Tom Marchitelli

    There is no words….other than this nut belongs in an institution along with his adopted mummy and boy toy daddy…. wtf!!!!

  • Ivette Elisa Santiago

    It’s clearly apparent by his asinine comments that he is delusional and has serious mental and psychopathic issues that he needs help with to resolve. He certainly should not be encouraged to conduct himself in this asinine way…my sympathies for his abandoned and neglected family who clearly deserve better!

  • 5citizen2

    you were much kinder to bruce when he became Kaitlyn

    • AmberGW

      yeah but Bruce/Kaitlyn, didn’t abandon his/her family

      • Carsten Holm

        I feel very sorry for Bruce/Kaitlyn he will always be a man. You can”t change your cromizones

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Do you mean DNA? In fact “epigenetics” is the study of how genetics change during a persons lifetime.
        And the correct pronoun is “she”

      • Mike Hoffman

        No one gives a shit Shawn. Everyone hates the comment police though.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Except you do actually. I’m willing to bet you wouldnt allow somene to misgender you.

      • Mike Hoffman

        No, if I say I don’t Shawn, I don’t. Unlike you, I can make up my mind about reality. I also could care less is someone “misgeder”s me. (Why not just say call me a girl you idiot?) I am not a pussy like you. I don’t get offended when a breeze hits me. I’d say grow a sack but, you’d just cut them off. So instead I’ll just say STFU and go away. 😉

    • Mike Hoffman

      Bruce acts his age, if not his shoe size. This “person” doesn’t. She acts like a little girl and yet has sex with her daddy? Just one question….do you see that as normal?

    • Estella

      Yeah bc he became a she still in her 60’s. Caitlyn did not go to her ten year old self, neglecting her daughters. Smh

  • Shawn William Morris Tomac

    Dear Alan Moore; After reading your article I was quite confused, So I wandered over to Youtube and watched the interview myself. I am rather shocked and appalled at the wording you have chosen for this situation. Stephanie Wolscht (Not as you incorrectly and extremely rudely butchered as “Stefonkee” something for which Any reasonable adult would demand an apology for) is Not “Trans-Age”. Nor did she use that term. She is both Transgender and an Age Player. Neither of which is the least bit immoral. Nor something for you to spin into this cruel and mocking article. And that you would label this an action by the Entire Trans community with this is… well rather Childish on your part. Any reasonable person would expect a ratraction and apology from you from your deeply saddening behavior.

    To the communities targeted by this article: Stephanie is clearly one of those people who lives in Both of our communities. She isn’t responsible for the horrible bullying tone in this article. I entreat you not to take Moore’s bait and become bullies yourself out of fear of association.

    To those who see this and feel Stephanies journey echoes your own; You are not alone. You are not broken or mentally disabled or ill or wrong. And most importantly; You are not alone. There are many more out there just like you and Stephanie. We are waiting for you to join us.

    • Cap

      Neither of which is the least bit immoral?? You can keep feeding yourself that BS, but it doesn’t make it true. By every normal measure, they ARE immoral, and deviant. It’s just ashame that so many in society enable you people, instead of encouraging you to get some mental help..

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        All right, lets ask the question. How do you determine right from wrong? Because I have always used the Harm standard. Who is this hurting? (Physically or mentally) and everyone in this story seems pretty happy, they are all still working, no one seems malnourished, so by my standards, there is nothing immoral occuring. Which makes me curious, What moral standard are you using?

      • Mike Hoffman

        You’re shitting me right? hahaha
        “By my standards” That’s the key isn’t it? Your only standards though are the amount of lip gloss to put on during a Saturday evening out. Others worry about what their children think when they see a teacher, or lawyer or cop dressed up in high heels as a woman walking down the street. Maybe a person they know and admire. Can you imagine that conversation at home? Highly unlikely.
        I have taken note how many people living your life style are extremely self centered. Other then sharing eye shadow with a fellow trans, life is all about you. You could care less what others think or how your decisions affect them.
        I actually could care less. Go do whatever floats your boat. Just try to keep it to yourself like most people keep their preferences to themselves. Live your life the way you want but, don’t rub it in other people’s faces. Have some shame or others will try to shame you. Be humble and you’d likely see less conflict with others in society.
        The person in this story is a step past your average trans in that he does the little girl play BS which is just a mental issue that needs addressing. It’s not even close to the same issue as a tran deals with. His issues are wrong and should to be corrected. This is America though so he is free to do as he pleases. He has no shame about it though as he wants to be interviewed and show the world his little sick fantasy. So shaming him in my opinion is greatly justified. He needs to learn some humility and that people will not accept his life style like he wants.
        Suck it up cupcake, it’s time to be an adult like the rest of us.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        This seems to be your longest comment so lets try and make this easier on us both.
        Everywhere you look the Queer and Kink communities are slowly making ground. Mostly because the majority of the population Doesn’t agree with you. And believes that everyone deserves a chance to be happy on their own terms (And certainly wouldn’t want anyone telling Them what they can and cannot do).
        You also make a large number of arguments based on my gender identity. I however am Cis-Gendered and a Big (someone who takes care of age players rather then being one). This doesn’t affect me personally. Just people that I know and care about.

        Lip Gloss? Oh no! Heaven forbid someone from having shiny lips *eye roll* In fact I have already stated that I use the Harm Standard to judge bad things (who is hurt, how badly, and was it intentional), I also believe that ultimately everyone (Including you) desires and deserves Happiness and Security, and “Goodness” in so far as such a concept exists, is found by balancing these two Ideals.

        As for the children argument. My father was a big hands on type of guy. Loved hitting children to make himself feel big. I survived. Thousands of other children have also survived Worse things then what I went through. If I can grow up, be one of your precious adults, go to work and pay my taxes through That? Your kids can survive seeing a thing they havent seen before. The conversation isn’t even a difficult one. The world is a place full of diversity. It has lions, and birds, and fish, and horrible monsters that live at the bottom of the ocean. Humans are just as diverse as anything else and theres nothing that Needs to be done about it. Kids are resilliant and adaptable. That is after all how humans became the dominant species on Earth.

        Again, not trans. And I’ve seen just as many people on Your side of the fence act selfish and entitled. Believing that every free bit of space belongs to them and policing their world view even where it isn’t wanted in the least. Acting like your poor fragile minds can’t handle someone being Not Exactly The Same as you and demanding the world change to protect your fragility. How selfish is that?
        Shame is actually pretty bad for your health most of the time. Fails to meet my standard of dont harm people.

        Have you ever been to a therapist yourself? Being trans and being kinky have been Removed from the DSM. So no, neither of those things are health issues in any way. Or at least so say the people who do this as a job.

        And I assure you, I have never met a trans person who hasn’t encountered your particular brand of selfishness. They are all aware that your type of person exists. They also know just how few of you there really are.

      • Mike Hoffman

        I didn’t bother to read your drivel as anything you have to say is irrelevant. I wil say this though, perhaps you just need to go change your tampon…..?

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        And you say Steph is the childish one. Perhaps you should consider growing up before you join the adults at the debate table?m

      • Mike Hoffman

        I would say more of a fucked in the head creep but ya, pretty childish too. Being as you also act like a child like the twat in this article, i’d try to avoid an “act like an adult” stance in any way, shape or form. Now shut up and eat your meat or you don’t get any pudding Nancy.

      • Vangelina Barrow-Coulson
      • Shawn William Morris Tomac
      • Erin Beemer

        But aren’t you judging Mr. Moore because you don’t like the way he has written this article? Everyone judges everyone to some extent. The Bible may say that we shouldn’t do that but we’re human, we all do it.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        I certainly agree. I am definitely judging Mr. Moore. I am judging Mr Moore however based on his actions, and the manner in which he performed them. Even if you think Age Play or being Trans is immoral, I still believe it is wrong and bullying behavior to intentionally mispronounce a persons a name, claim that They pronounce it that way when in the video you (Moore) reference they clearly did not, and then attempt to create an artificial conflict between the kink and trans communities by creating or spreading a fake label (Trans-Ager).

        Where-as Mr Moore is judging Stephanie based on her identity (being trans and being kinky). In our society if something is not a Choice, we do not hold them responsible (such as severe mental illness, or accidents). Being trans? That is a biological reality. No one decides their gender or sexual orientation. Therefore no one can be held Accountable for their gender or sexual orientation. Whether or not you agree with all of Stephanie’s actions, if she hadnt been trans? If she hadnt been kinky? Mr Moore would never have bothered bullying her. And that is what I am judging.

      • Mike Hoffman

        You are obviously just blindly defending the person because you are also trans. To nitpick the article and attack the author is just plain moronic. The guy left his wife hanging so he could go live his life as a little girl. He needs to be slapped and so do you. Grow the hell up already. You’re adults, start acting like it.

      • Erin Beemer

        Well actually Mr. Moore IS judging this man based on his actions because that’s the whole reason why this article was made. The action he made by leaving his family, acting like a little girl, doing whatever he does with his adopted father. Now yes he’s going further and, poking fun if you will, by mispronouncing his new name. But he has the right to voice his opinion either for or against his actions. Just like you have the right to voice your opinion about Mr. Moore’ actions. Doesn’t mean he’s wrong and you’re right, or vice versa. He’s stating what he believes to be true and how he feels about the situation, just like you did. And I know you will disagree with me on this but I do believe it is a choice. He might feel like he’s a girl, but he was born a male, therefore that makes him male no matter how he feels about that. Can he decide to do what he’s doing, dress in women’s/girl clothing, or get surgery to change that? Of course he can! Many people have done just that, but it’s their CHOICE to do that. They made the conscious decision to do those things because it made them feel better in some way or another. And that’s fine, if you wanna do that that’s your CHOICE. And no you’re right, no one can chose if they will be born male or female, God does that for us. And if you weren’t a part of the trans community or sympathize with Stephanie you wouldn’t have responded the way you did to the article…it’s all about perspective. Mr. Moore cannot, refuses, or has a hard time seeing Stephanie’s point of view because he has different beliefs and isn’t a part of that community. And you have a hard time seeing things from Mr. Moore’s point of view for the very same reasons including the fact that you’re a part of the same community so you feel the need to defend, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all! But Mr. Moore is judging by what Stephanie has decided to do, nothing more.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Hmm…All right well lets start at off with No, I am not trans. My sex and gender are not dissonant.
        In addition, while it may be your opinion that trans people are “making a choice” scientists have been studying the underlying biology and have found that the brains of trans people tend to conform to the sex based norms for their stated gender. I’d prefer to provide links but this website doesnt seem to be allowing that action. Which would thus imply that it is Not in fact a choice for these other people.

        Let me ask you a question, do you on the whole tend to resort to bullying and name calling people when you don’t agree with them? I have not made up or distorted any facts, nor attempted to humiliate Moore. He has. And that is where I feel your comparision of us is lacking. He is going out of his way to be mean. Something he doesnt need to do if he only disagrees with Stephanies life choices.
        Would you let your child behave in such a manner? Then why would you let Moore engage in such behavior without at least stating that its wrong to do so?

      • Mike Hoffman

        “Hmm…All right well lets start at off with No, I am not trans. ”

        But yet you say:

        “To those who see this and feel Stephanies journey echoes your own; You are not alone. You are not broken or mentally disabled or ill or wrong. And most importantly; You are not alone. There are many more out there just like you and Stephanie. We are waiting for you to join us.”

        Join “us” you stated. I think the closet door just cracked open! Go ahead Shawn William Morris Bradly Jimmy Dean Sausage Tomac Smith or whatever your fucking retarded too long name is, step on out in those glitter covered high heels and shows us your leggings baby!!!

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        You could stick with Shawn? And also, as a “Big” though my roll is entirely unfamilliar to you I count as an age player. Not as trans.

      • Mike Hoffman

        So, you are another freak that needs help yet come here to put down other people? lmfao! Only in America. Fuck off creep. Go change your diapers.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Are you still here? You stopped being relevant a while ago.

      • Mike Hoffman

        Go play with your barbies.

      • Mike Hoffman

        I suppose you are also a 6 year old girl? What’s your make believe name? Nancy? Shall we just call you Nancy from now on hmmm Nancy?

      • Vangelina Barrow-Coulson

        I wonder why you thought that scripture was a relevant reply? I didn’t use any of my own words so I was not judging anything. I try not to, especially when Jehovah has stated his thoughts on a particular matter so clearly.

        I posted what I did so that you could begin to acknowledge that all of your back n forth bickering and debating could be cleared up definitively from the scriptures. I also included a link to the bible app I use and a screenshot to show you the translations available. I speak Spanish and Dutch so that’s what’s at the top of my list. But since you’re obviously fond of the KJV that’s available as well. There are many opinions and points of view, but can we agree that we should align our viewpoint with our creator ?
        Download the Jw library app and tell me what you think.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        *Looks surprised* An actual Christian? Typically when someone starts quoting scripture at me they aren’t interested in an actual conversation with me so I’ve learned not to try. But since you seem determined to be different I’m willing to try politeness.
        I’ll be honest, I googled the line that I wanted, I don’t have a prefered bible because I stopped being Christian a long time ago. My mom bought me a very fancy leather covered one and I was reading it, and ultimately decided that I could never take morality advice from someone who flooded a planet, or killed every innocent new born in Egypt, or ordered one of his followers to murder his own son, or make the penalty for raping a woman a monetary fine, and the penalty for Being raped as a woman marriage to your abuser.
        If your diety truly exists, and is truly in charge? I stand with Stephen Fry, he has a Lot to answer for before I’ll even consider putting my “sins” on the docket.
        In the meantime I consider his advice on how to treat trans and non-binary people’s clothing to be as morally suspect as his advice on genocide and rape.

      • Vangelina Barrow-Coulson

        Is there a way to inbox you personally? I would like to address your thoughts and this forum isn’t really appropriate.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Unless I have made an error, an e-mail has been sent from my g-mail.

        That is very true. But there is always the possibility that I will make someone think. Even I’ve been given things to mull over from this discussion. And if nothing else, any trans/age player who stumbles on to this story will feel a little better knowing Someone will fight for them.

      • jane doe

        STFU freak ugly guy

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Oh Wow. Much Hurt. Such Pain. And your insult has such skilled diction.

      • jane doe

        shawn, you’re tutu doesn’t match your mustache

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Well this insult might have been as piss poor and weak as the last one but at least its a sentence. Might want to get a spell checker though.

      • ßḫ…ߣⱦ ȶ€ɍ …ħÂƔễ… ɱɏ… ɯøȵⱻ¥

        who cares what your stupid bible says. america is not a christian country, it is a secular one, go read the founding fathers you enjoy jerking off to.

      • none

        Fine, you stated your view; then you felt obligated to be insulting.Why must you be so vile to make a point?

    • jane doe

      STFU, weirdo lover!!!!

  • Jaden Elliot Solomon

    As a transgender guy this is just the shit that makes society think all transgender people are head cases. Seeing this video made me angry and all I can say is grow the “F” up this is total BS.

    • Shawn William Morris Tomac

      Hey Jaden, I understand your anger, but Please understand that Stephanie is not the problem here. Alan Moore Wants you to be angry. I think you should be angry at Him. Stephanie being an age player doesnt say Anything about her being trans. And she never once uttered the words “trans-age”. That was made up by some click bait reporter. i urge you not to fall into this trap.

      • Jaden Elliot Solomon

        Thanks for the reply. I never voice my thoughts on articles, but then this site seems they thrive on stirring the pot.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        It’s writers make money off of outraged people sharing and clicking on both sides. And arguments like this that pit two communities against each other double the number of clicks. But this is no different then arguments used to drive the gay and trans communities apart in years past. They only hurt those members who are in Both communities. Who are made even more vulnerable by the lose of friends and support. Which is why I so strongly oppose this. There are lots of trans people who are in the age play community; and you and I owe it to Them to keep them safe from stuff like this.

      • Mike Hoffman

        Keep them safe? I think we need to get them help so the rest of us are safe. 😉

      • StevenG

        This is a grown man that chose to bring SEVEN… that’s S E V E N children in the world. It is NOT a choice to just abandon his responsibilities because he wants to play with dollies while taking it up the arse.
        He doesn’t need to be “protected” and “supported” He needs his Ass kicked and forced to get a job to support his kids!

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Your not very good at listening are you? Stephanie has a job. Pays taxes, all that stuff. And as I’ve said before, there isn’t enough information in the original video for us to have any idea why Stephanie moved away. The video doesnt mention it. And I see no evidence Mr. Moore is even capable of research. So your statement is based on how much you Don’t know.

      • StevenG

        You are a ***** idiot.
        Step-Funny said he has “moved on” from his family. He doesn’t take care of them. He’s too busy getting ass-banged by a dude his calls daddy and playing pervert with some little girl.
        Now who didn’t listen? Uhh that would be YOU there tardbucket because if you did you would have known that.
        Your comments are based solely on your stupidity you sick fuck.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        You should probably work on reading comprehension before slinging around insults like stupid dont you think?
        And no, my comments are based on a carefully reasoned out set of morals based on reduction of harm and promotion of balance between happiness and security.
        “Moved On” is a vague as fuck statement. What does it even mean? If you know better then please produce a source. But if all you have is the sensationalized story above? Then you dont know shit.
        Your opinions are as weak as your morals.

      • StevenG

        Don’t even try to talk about morals small eyes.
        You have the damn gall to sit here and defend a pervert and pedophile.
        Sick F*ck. Go get help.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        I… did you call me “small eyes”??? wtf kind of insult is that? And gall is not the word. People like you always claim the moral high ground. But you never do your homework so why the hell should I listen to Anything you have to say?
        And besides, a pedophile is someone Attracted to children. That has absolutely nothing to do with whats going on here. Which you’d know if you used your small mind for anything but insulting things you dont understand.

      • StevenG

        Ok, your comment speaks volumes about you. You are just completely talking out your ass and you just proved it.
        Gall is absolutely a word.
        A quick search would have shown you that.
        The story is about pedophilia. If you had actually read the story you would know that.
        Go play with your dolls perv.

        You and ste – FONKEE Paul need to be drown in a shit-filled toilet.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Yes. Congrats, the word Gall is a real world. Its also a word with a precise meaning, in this you were using it to call me Impudent/Insolent. Which isn’t what I am doing at all. You are in no way a moral authority. I’m calling you out on bad behavior and poor logic.
        And then you bring up Pedophilia; ie the sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. Except that Stephanie is an adult woman, not a child in any way. And no one Looking at Stephanie could possibly be confused by that.
        As I have stated repeatedly the correct term is Age Play. And it has nothing to do with actual children. Until your willing to actually understand that concept no further discussion can take place. You’ve built up a bunch of assumptions that your not willing to deal with. You fight shadows, and blame me for the things your fear and imagination have conjured without a shred of evidence.

      • StevenG

        Blah Blah Blah.
        You’ve already proven yourself a perverted idiot.
        That’s all that needs to be said.

      • jane doe

        he doesn’t pay his child support, you need to read up on the subject before you claim he is a responsible father – which he is not

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        I have not claimed she is a responsible parent. I have re-stated the fact that she is an employed tax-payer. The article does not mention whether or not Stephanie pays child support. So anything either of us say is made up.

      • Jewel Parks

        The Dude is the problem and so are people like you who defend him. Why don’t you bother to actually do some research? This disgusting waste of human flesh has bragged multiple times to the media about “trans-age” and “doing his daddy”. None of this is made up.
        Are you really trying to defend this dead beat dad piece of perverted shit? Really?
        This asshole is trying to say the Children and grandchildren involved in this situation are ok with it? Full of Shit. No Child is ok knowing their father cheats on their mother by doing an old guy dressed in drag while fantasizing about butt-raping his daughter.
        If you think that is ok then you need to seek professional help just like the people in the story do.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        I am aware its difficult but if you have links please providem All google can find are Christian/Conservative sites parroting the same story over and over again.
        I am aware of what kind of sex he has. There is nothing wrong with roleplay. In this its your moral compass which is disgustingly skewed towards judging anything that isn’t yours.
        If two people are seperated it is not “cheating”. They are no longer together.
        Maybe do some research of your own? Human sexuality is a hot mess. Judging it is a pointless exercise. Your just as fucked as everyone else. The only difference is your lieing about it.

      • Jewel Parks

        Did you read the article? Do you have comprehension skills that let you understand what you’ve read?
        Obviously not because you would know what I was talking about if you did.
        Let me help you here. “DADDY” and “MOMMY” are still married. “DADDY” is screwing StePhony in the ass while pretending it’s his daughter. That’s known as “cheating” on “Mommy”
        Pedophilia is against the law, as is neglecting your children. It has nothing to do with human sexuality, it’s a mental illness. One you apparently share.
        Quite acting a fool trying to defend these sickos.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Cheating is the act of having sex with someone other then your current partner(s) while concealing or actively lieing about that fact. Stephanie and her two partners aren’t lieing to anyone about what they are doing. By definition therefore this isn’t cheating.

        And… What? No it definitely isn’t. Pedophelia is being attracted to children, a hormone mediated response that is utterly beyond the control of the person, and as an extension of that cannot be prosecuted unless your willing to charge people with Thought-Crime… Which would be a Very bad idea and open a lot of doors you don’t actually want to go down.

        What your thinking of is Child Molestation which is Absolutely illegal/immoral/objectively evil. It also has nothing to do with what we are talking about today so I can only assume you brought up because you associate it with age play. Which is simply incorrect. Its not related at all.

      • Jewel Parks

        You are warped and sick.
        I hope you get help before you end up harming a child.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Again your information is straight up incorrect on all counts.
        Even if you were right thanks to the actions of various conservative groups it is illegal to offer mental health services to pedophiles. There awful laws only allow for jail time which ends up protecting literally no one.

      • jane doe

        except all the children in his neighborhood, hmmm, yeah, jail time seems about right

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Incorrect. It protects the Second child. But not all of them. And even then only if the person actually molests children. Which again, has nothing to do with this story.

        We strongly need reformed laws around the issue of child molestation because our current laws are disgustingly ineffective.

    • Cap

      Buddy, you’re an adult who believes you are the opposite gender. You ARE a head case. Because a very small segment of society “supports” you, and even more are forced to act like they support for fear of losing jobs, etc., doesn’t make you any less of a deviant…

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        May I ask what information you base this opinion on? That “segmant” isn’t as small as you think it is.

      • Mike Hoffman

        Ya it is.

      • Jaden Elliot Solomon

        LOL well, buddy, guess you better lick my deviant ass because I am not going anywhere and how are you going to put food on the table if you aren’t working? Oh wait, you must be on the system living off tax payer dollars, never mind. Oh and I happen to be Canadian where we are progressive.

    • Blombiddyshob

      Hey, if he’s not hurting anybody, what’s the problem? Just go along with it. Don’t you feel better when people address you as a man?

      • Mike Hoffman

        The difference being one is make believe and not real while the other IS real. You DO understand the difference correct?

      • Blombiddyshob

        You use the word “real” a tad too loosely, my friend.

      • StevenG

        Those 7 children are as real as it gets.
        You should be ashamed to support the abandonment of children.

      • Blombiddyshob

        Maybe those 7 children are better off without a lunatic in their midst.

      • Estella

        The problem is leaving his children and adult responsibilities bc he wants to play “dress up!” Get over it! I don’t want to be an adult. It’s hard. It’s stressful, there are bills on top of bills. sometimes I don’t know if i’m a good parent. But lo and behold, i’m still here adulting. He is a selfish, poor excuse of a man, woman, girl, boy, he-she, whatever the hell you want to call it.

  • Tony Johnson

    Is this for real? I have trouble separating satire from actual factual information these days.. If is is real, then it makes exactly the same amount of sense as any male who “identifies” as female..

    • John Berry

      I too think this is satire, but I can’t be sure. But I think someone’s having a laugh.

  • John Berry

    Surely this is satire, 7 kids! Even if not, that is how it should be treated.

    • Shawn William Morris Tomac

      If everyone is happy until someone starts mocking/bullying them… Why do you think They are the problem and not the people going out of there way to hurt another person? Its not as though hurting someones feelings is considered “cool” there is a reason we tell children not to do it.

      • Mike Hoffman

        I think they are rightly mocking a man dressed up as a woman acting like he wants to be 6 years old and having sex with his daddy. Ya, I’d say that’s appropriate. Are you saying it’s normal? Are you saying this is acceptable? Then I’d say we need to ship you off WITH the guy in this story for some serious head shrinkage.

  • StevenG

    You’re a father of seven, play time is over.
    Grow the F’ck up and take responsibility for your actions.

    • John Cheves

      This one’s totally insane, and should be in a mental institution, where he can actually be helped. Instead, since we’ve become a society that panders to perversion and insanity, we will enable and nurture his sickness. That sickness will continue to spread across society, growing steadily worse.

      Depravity is contagious.

  • Samhain Valkyrie

    All White liberals are gay trannies.

  • UglyTuna

    I’ve been saying this for a while (begin sarcasm):

    * I identify as a 65 year old male
    * I demand to receive SS checks, MediCare and, of course, the senior discount at Denny’s.

    end sarcasm.

    • Shawn William Morris Tomac

      Except your request is to alter your legal standing. Stephanies request is to where what she wants and be left alone. One of those is reasonable.

      • UglyTuna

        So he identifies as a little girl, now it will want to use the girls room. That’s changing his legal standing.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        As a biological woman (science has come far enough to have evidence proving that) She has that right. But all right I’ll bite. And then? So she goes into a bathroom and vanishes into a stall. What are you afraid will happen?

      • Estella

        Biological woman??? I think not. He is a man, who for his sexual fetish, kink fantasy IDENTIFIES as a little girl, does not make him a biological woman. Maybe in his mind only. Not to mention his relationship with the “daddy” is incestuous, so both him and the daddy are sick!! So now the question begs to be answered–is the Daddy a pedophile who maybe controls his urges bc he has this man pretending to be 6. This is sick all the way around! Then you are so busy defending him, what about leaving his wife and kids??? How is that ok? It’s not. How do you think they feel? He is being selfish and self centered. I certainly don’t want him in the firs bathroom with my daughter, but on second thought, I don’t feel comfortable with him in the mens bathroom where my son is. What about the rest of us?? The world wants everything to be rainbows and shiny, happy, people bc the LGBT community has been bullied, ostracized, and made fun of for so long. Everyone is focused on them being COMFORTABLE. WELL WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US?? So now we have to be uncomfortable? I have to worry about trans kids, for instance a boy living as a girl using the same locker room as my daughter? So I guess it’s ok for everyone else (the majority) to be uncomfortable for a few others to be comfortable? Why is their comfort more valuable than mine?

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Being trans has been proven as a Biological Reality. What she looks like on the outside does not reflect fact. After all, not all that glitters is gold. A fact which is much more harmful to her then to you. Its pretty cruel to demand that a woman live opposite to her reality simply because she doesn’t fit into a neat box made up by people who couldn’t concieve of modern day problems.

        As for the fetish component; Being outside dressed youthfully doesn’t actually hurt anyone even if it is odd. The majority of people in the age play community are certainly more upset by Stephanies behavior then you are. But if it isn’t causing actual harm to anyone, and it would reduce her quality of life to prevent it… Why make a big deal of it? Its not as though she’s breaking the law.

        As for the incest thing… I’ve always found normal to be a highly relative concept. There are plenty of religious groups who do things that boggle my mind for far less easy to understand reasons then “It feels good”. Now in a perfect world this likely Wouldn’t feel good. But its not as though one can control or change their sexuality. Aren’t you glad this isn’t you? As sexuality is a dice roll, it easily could have been. Since its not a choice, punishing her for it seems unreasonable to me.

        Hmm… I do actually have several questions just as you do. In the video Stephanie mentioned spending time in jail, and having suicidal thoughts. Yet never says what (If anything) she was charged with. Or why she left her wife and kids. Many age players that I know currently have and raise children of their own, and like all good parents dont mention a word about thier sex life. Even if your sex is vanilla I dont consider it appropriate to tell your kids about it. So it certainly wasnt required for her to leave. Unless the wife required it. Alan Moore is an unreliable narrater. So neither of us actually know enough at this point to pass judgement. If it was a choice its not he one I would have made. But its just as possible Stephanie was medically unable continue parenting.

        Sir, When I go into a bathroom I look first for a line, and then a stall/urinal, and then I wash my hands and leave. I do not examine other peoples genitals, or pat their children fondly on the head. I dont even look them in the eye. So I must ask, what are you and your children doing in the bathroom that requires encountering other people at all besides lining up? I have never been comfortable in a bathroom except my own home. And I know the trans community is no different. So why are you comfortable in a public bathroom in the first place? The trans community is not asking to be comfortable. They are asking to avoid physical violence as a punishment for being outed every time they need to pee. Are you seriously suggesting they should be going outside in the bushes instead of a stall where no one can see them?

      • Antwinette Curtis

        Simply put your response is idiotic.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        “Simply Put” is a cop out. My response was detailed and logical. Yours lacks Content as well as everything else. Smarten up before insulting strangers next time.

      • UglyTuna

        @Shawn William Morris Tomac – First, it is not biologically a woman. Second, if you start with the girls room then why not the girls locker room at the local gym. What happens when it demands to enroll in the local public grade school with and wants to take gym class and shower with the girls afterward?

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Yes She is. And if she requests to attend school we simply draw the line and say No. Though I highly doubt such a thing would ever occur. That would be clearly taking the game too far.
        Hmm… actually I’m not sure what to do about public showers. It would seem preferrable for everyone to have a private stall. Many gyms do. But others don’t. At the end of the day some women have penises. We as a society need to stop ignoring that truth and move on. Or mandate a third set of bathrooms/showers everywhere for those in between.

      • Jenny-Irvin Waldon

        Women have penises??? Are you insane too? God created man and woman to reproduce. He didnt create a mix breed of a woman with ladies parts and a penis so she could reproduce with herself. Man and woman are different for a reason. TO REPRODUCE! If i say hey Im going to go sleep in the garage now, does that make me a 69 chevy that runs on gas instead of food? No it makes me a very messed up person who needs help.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        So let me get this straight… a person whose brain matter randomly developed differently then there outward appearance is impossible… but your sky friend coming down to forge the planet and Fail to mandate what gender we are is a certainty? And I am the insane one?

      • Judy McKinney

        I have a feeling that you have almost as big a problem as the 6 yr. old father of 7. You are stating that those with “different ideas” about their gender, etc, should just be left to live in peace. This would work if that was true, but too many of those who are “different” are different in a way that is dangerous to woman, & children. I think they need help, and kept away from normal people until they can be normal. And I think you are probably in this group, also.

      • Shawn William Morris Tomac

        Ooo your good at math. “Too Many” is how many exactly? Do you even have a percentage? Do you have Anything? Becuase there isn’t a Single reported case of a transgender person being “dangerous to women or children” that isn’t something a cisgender woman is perfectly capable of. Especially since “dangerous” has no actual meaning in this sentence and could be stretched to mean anything at all.

        You can’t even say what it is your afraid of because then you’d have a point you’d actually have to defend instead of hollow empty bigotry.

  • UglyTuna

    People look at this and laugh in disbelief but wait until a scumbag lawyer uses this a defense for a child molester or child pornography case. Don’t think it can happen? Remember affluenza?

  • Fatima Colindres-Engle

    At what point do we send people like this to a mental institution and offer them all the available help?? this is disturbing. More disturbing is the fact that there is nuts out there willing to play along.

  • HT

    Proof that some hereditary lines are better off eliminated from the gene pool.

  • Lorilu

    If this is even remotely true, his seven children are better off with him gone from their home.

  • Vicki M

    Truth IS stranger than fiction. For the last 8 years I kept thinking nothing can surprise me. But I am constantly proven wrong.

  • logwarrior

    In a better era, he would have kept this crap to himself, and either committed suicide, or lived with it.

    • Laura Bling

      I’m not at all for what he’s doing, he’s very sick and those people letting him act this out are sick, but your comment is appalling, as well. Something wrong when you think it’s okay for people who you don’t understand and I don’t either but to say that in a better era he would have killed himself is pretty contemptible. Even if we don’t understand his mental illness condoning or Hoping in a better era he would have killed himself is NOT considered a better era. In a better era we would have help for him and help him become a mentally well person.

  • lilmissmatched

    They let this psycho near their grandchildren?

  • David Gorski

    And I’m “not supposed to judge” someone like this?? yeah, ok. bullshit. I judge.

  • Brian Ellefson

    Hope the little darling still doesn’t wet the bed.

  • GrimReaperNZ

    ok srsly just dont know what to think on this one im just totally baffled

  • GrimReaperNZ

    unless he is actually doing something illegal why should anyone care what someone else is doing? its their life not yours

  • BigRedOneVet

    In what country did this happen? The name sounds German so that may explain it.

  • MissesKisses

    Let me see here… ummm can anyone make this make sense?

  • davidmckay2

    If he commits a crime, does he go to juvie?

  • sandy030359

    This is not called Trans-Age, this is called BRAIN DAMAGE!

  • June Hall

    We’re probably supporting those seven children. Grown up jerk

  • SBD

    This is just wrong

  • Wambui

    I don’t even know…WTH?!

  • daniellejudith

    Is this fake news?
    Too bizarre to be true

  • John Cheves

    Wow! These are completely insane, perverted pigs that at any other time or place in history, would either be institutionalized, or in prison. And the fact that they are comfortable showing the world who they really are says as much about what we are becoming as a country as it does about them.

    If this is now culturally tolerable, and at the rate this country is sinking morally, what will be the norm 10, 20, or 50 years from now?

  • jreg9304

    What a sick delusional bast–d, Grow up sicko.

  • ned kelly

    Unsurprisingly, Wolscht is in a sexual relationship with his ‘adopted’ father. OH FFS, that says it all, they are all twisted.

  • oldenough2remember

    If we can now be a Trans anything, I’d like to be a trans millionaire….. This is further proof of the mental illness involved…..

  • Sharron Rhodes Hawkins

    is this real? It cannot be real

  • Chris Senecal

    This is weird. Most little boys and girls can’t wait to be adults. Yet he’d rather be someone of little value to society.

  • Kristine Bodnaruk

    this transgender is garbage and people are looking for a reason to prove to everyone they have severe mental issues

  • daylily

    Sick, sick, sick!!!!!!!!!